Specialists in Earthworks and Subdivision



We provide quality subdivision services, ranging from large developments to smaller, private subdivisions. We adhere to strict environmental requirements and follow standard procedures set by the council.

House Excavation

We will complete your house excavation to the highest standard, ensuring a safe site and a clean section at the end.


For the installation of concrete footing, look no further than Fineway Earthmovers. We will use our skills to create the perfect footing for your needs.

Pile Holes

We have years of experience piling in a variety of ground conditions, and we have a strong reputation for our innovative foundation solutions.

Retaining Walls

We have extensive experience in designing and building retaining walls. Not only are our retaining walls incredibly durable, but they can also significantly enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor area.

Site Clearing

Whether you are building a new home, or plan on subdividing and need to clear the land, we have the knowledge and equipment to carry out the job safely and efficiently.